Sean (darksoul) wrote,

boredom allows too much thought...

maybe i'm an inhuman beast, but i don't care at all about the fact that it was announced that two companies have cloned human embryos. i don't find the fact that they plan to use this process to cull cells for healing the sick and ailing to be appalling. and i don't find the idea of a group of researchers working to completely clone a human being appalling. i find all of this rather amusing and ironic.

Irony 1: The major voice against cloning of any sort tend to be pro-life individuals. And yet, the major argument of the pro-life crowd is that every embryo has a soul, even those that are created through artificial insemenation. Wouldn't that imply that even if the embryo were manufactured from someone else's cells, it's still an embryo and still has a soul?

Irony 2: If man were not meant to clone himself, why would God allow it to even be possible? Let's automatically throw out the "Science is the Devil's work" arguments, as we are all more intelligent than that. If man were not meant to ever create life himself, then why make it possible?

Irony 3: 2 words - George Lucas

Irony 4: Man contributes to the creation and destruction of life on a daily basis, whether by planting seeds, breeding animals, clipping weeds, shooting terrorists, etc. Why do we take offense to the fact that we can now create life but don't rise up in anger because our country has destroyed so many different cultures and ways of life in the last 250 years. Why do we denounce creation but promote further destruction? silly humans...

Irony 5: The two groups to admit they'd cloned human embryos were businesses. Businesses tend to be behind the curve in the R&D department when it comes to these sort of things. Typically educational R&D comes in first, with military/government R&D coming closely behind it, and then corporate labs. At least that's how I've always been led to believe. If that's true, then how is it that they beat the other groups to cloning embryos? Or did they? How do you know there isn't a human clone in the cubicle next to you right now? How do you know that Haley Joel Osment isn't really 7 different clones of a child who died in the 40's?

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