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  • Thu, 05:28: RT @danielleiat: This isn’t just fascism, it’s the kind of fascism that gets depicted in novels you read as a kid and as a kid identify as…
  • Thu, 05:32: RT @MrEmilyHeller: Caitlyn Jenner is only running for governor to distract us from this
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    Sat, 03:08: RT @ hawillisdc: capitalists: if you hate gentrification so much, buy the block. the community: ok. *raises money* …take it.…

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    Fri, 06:52: RT @ brendanowicz: Matt Gaetz being told his Venmo history is public

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    Wed, 10:36: RT @ nycsouthpaw: I would tell the dragon that I sympathize. They do always put what you need in the hard to reach places.

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