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Something to give you all cold shivers when you consider it...

only chucklehead idiots think dubya is a good idea. thought you'd all like to know. if you disagree, well poo on you, i can argue that you're a chucklehead idiot and that dubya is a horrible idea. so =P

chucklehead idiot...i think that's gonna be my new insult...

so i think Dubya is going to be the ruin of the world. Let me rephrase that...i think Dubya is Nostradamus' Antichrist of fame. I think Dubya will bring about WW3, if allowed to run rampant. I think his foreign policy ideas (or lack thereof) will bring about international violence at an unspeakable level. I think Dubya will be the cause of more pain and suffering than anyone alive, except the last remaining jews from the holocaust, has ever known. Kosovo, Chechnya, the struggles of Russians, Mexicans, Africans...all of it will pale in comparison to what lies in store for the world with George riding the bomb.

And for those who don't believe it, I am completely serious in saying this. These are my FIRM beliefs. ::sighs:: i wish to everyone's deities that they weren't...let me be the first to say "Twas good knowing you" before the End Times wash over us all...

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