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  • Thu, 22:56: RT @MikeDrucker: Thank God President Trump won the War on Christmas or the PC police would've made Melania say "Who gives a fuck about Holi…
  • Thu, 22:56: RT @ashleyn1cole: Washington DC bout to run out of bleach...
  • Fri, 02:09: RT @CrystalPepsi: Who among us hasn’t called out sick to avoid a performance review
  • Fri, 02:12: RT @JoyAnnReid: Another important question: did Trump and his party expose Joe and Jill Biden to covid at Case Western University on Tuesda…
  • Fri, 02:18: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Trump never would’ve gotten COVID if he hadn’t been tested for it.
  • Fri, 02:19: RT @travis_view: Please God don't kill Trump with the coronavirus a month before the election. It would be the the most significant generat…
  • Fri, 02:27: RT @theyearofelan: In the entire history of the world, nobody has ever had to react to as much information as all of us right now
  • Fri, 02:34: RT @ChristFinnegan: Guys, it's gonna be fine. Do you have any idea how much hydroxychloroquine that guy has access to??
  • Fri, 02:41: RT @MrEmilyHeller: Let’s all just calm down and wait to see what Q has to say about this
  • Fri, 02:41: RT @MattOswaltVA: whew, so glad it's only Covid-19 and not the Chinese virus
  • Fri, 02:52: RT @cwarzel: my expectation news wise for october is that it is actually going to exist outside the space time continuum and things that sh…
  • Fri, 02:59: RT @jrizzo: Things we’re going to forget because of this: - the proud boy stuff - melania’s war on christmas and also immigrants - kimmy g…
  • Fri, 03:16: RT @joshgondelman: When will Herman Cain’s twitter account weigh in on tonight’s news?
  • Fri, 10:46: RT @SophNar0747: Punching Rick Moranis is a surefire way to become the most hated man in America.
  • Fri, 11:37: RT @WajahatAli: Well, now no one is talking about Trump's taxes, his refusal to condemn White Supremacy, the fact McMaster said he is aidin…
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    Sat, 04:17: RT @ smartstatistic: I would love to have been unburdened with issues of race as an 8 year old but I was too busy having white kids…

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    Thu, 04:56: RT @ powellnyt: “His face was in your windshield, Jason. Think about that,” a detective told South Dakota Attorney General Jason…

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    Tue, 04:38: RT @ danozzi: just to be clear: gender reveal parties have a higher body count and have done more property damage than antifa ever…

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