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  • Sat, 12:41: RT @saraschaefer1: who needs to spend a zillion dollars on war, when you can just flood social media during a pandemic with misinformation…
  • Sat, 12:42: RT @demetriachavon: A little wake up call for all of you not wearing masks: My cousin checked into the hospital Tuesday morning for body a…
  • Sun, 09:49: Happy Father's day to my favorite distant father @SaraJBenincasa because my real dad is abusive garbage. 💕💕💕
  • Sun, 09:58: RT @hodgman: Listen Hellboy: all my fellow dads on here saying “well actually the teens did nothing” looks exactly like it looks. Sorry you…
  • Sun, 10:18: The GOP is so desperate to adore Derr Leader that they applaud his ability to drink water? Please throw me into the…
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    Thu, 12:16: RT @ GailSimone: I don't think you can be a true Star Wars fan if you don't know who Revan is. Thu,…

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    Thu, 09:15: RT @ TheDailyShow: “We’re not dealing with bad apples, we’re dealing with a rotten tree.” Trevor addresses Daunte Wright, Caron…

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    Wed, 08:38: RT @ ParkerMolloy: I make fun of certain Times columnists for writing variations of the same article over and over, but this is a…

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