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  • Thu, 13:02: RT @paulwaldman1: What's so crazy about this is that Gaetz implies that his kids are black, Richmond says if that's the case I'm showing mo…
  • Thu, 14:04: RT @HoarseWisperer: “You see, folks, the explanation is quite simple and won’t seem implausible or weird at all. It’s just that I, as a sin…
  • Thu, 15:24: For all those wondering, this is my son Nestor. We share no blood but he is my life. He came from Mars (legally, o…
  • Thu, 15:52: RT @american2084: 🙋‍♂️Raise your hand if you think the news of 5 black men found hanging in trees in 1 week should be getting much bigger h…
  • Thu, 19:26: RT @GiuliaRozzi: AMC- Americans Murdered by Coronavirus
  • Fri, 09:38: RT @MrEmilyHeller: How the fuck are more people not talking about this? Guys at comedy clubs kept trying to tell me Joey Diaz was an overlo…
  • Fri, 10:06: RT @SaraJBenincasa: As a Scorpio, and I know all my Scorpios will relate, and since there's a Solar Eclipse in Cancer, the way this is infl…
  • Fri, 10:15: RT @curlycomedy: Good morning to this person only
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