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  • Wed, 14:07: RT @vexedinthecity: I genuinely feel for Elizabeth Warren’s supporters. She has had one of the most competent and well put together campaig…
  • Thu, 04:22: RT @ashleyn1cole: Every time someone says what a great Vice President a woman candidate would be, I think “Women can have a little leadersh…
  • Thu, 10:49: RT @WarrenDemocrat: Thank you for inspiring us to take action, @ewarren. The campaign may be over but our plans will persist. #ThankYouEli
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    Fri, 08:52: RT @ DougJBalloon: The new Wes Anderson movie is drawing mixed reviews from critics. Here's why that's bad news for Joe Biden.

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    Fri, 12:18: RT @ MikeDrucker: By age 30 you should: 1. Take car 2. Go to mum’s 3. Kill Phil (sorry) 4. Grab Liz 5. Go to the Winchester 6. Have…

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    Fri, 10:25: RT @ mmpadellan: Nobody: Not a single living soul: The former guy: "I'm not into golden showers." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fri, 10:31: RT @…

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