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  • Thu, 19:06: RT @hellolanemoore: morrissey: and now i know how joan of arc felt joan of arc: nah
  • Fri, 08:39: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: In the not so distant future a Trump supporter lies on his floor, unable to afford treatment for the coronavirus that ha…
  • Fri, 08:59: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Staying healthy is easy if you follow these simple rules. If you’re sick, don’t go to work. Sure you won’t get paid but…
  • Fri, 09:48: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: It’s less surprising that 38% of Americans said they won’t buy Corona beer because of the coronavirus when you remember…
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    Wed, 16:21: RT @ carriegravenson: Today was the day Trump becomes “Florida Man”. Wed, 16:26: Bloviating pile of turds doesn't seem to…

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    Tue, 12:33: RT @ OhNoSheTwitnt: Congratulations to Donald Trump on staring directly at a solar eclipse and having that somehow be the least…

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    Tue, 05:55: RT @ OhNoSheTwitnt: Here’s hoping we never have a president who makes people talk about Trump the way Trump made people talk about…

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