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  • Thu, 12:18: RT @SelenaCoppock: Meghan Markle isn't the Yoko Ono of the Royal Family because Yoko Ono didn't split up the Beatles. Grown men decided the…
  • Thu, 12:50: RT @CoryBooker: Raise your hand if you know why people are trolling Elizabeth's dance moves and not my dad jokes
  • Thu, 12:52: RT @SelenaCoppock: Stop blaming women for everything. ANYONE is allowed to wish for privacy. Harry’s mom was killed by paparazzi. This deci…
  • Thu, 12:55: RT @manymanywords: I [38F] don't feel welcome in my husband [35M]'s home country. His family [93F, 98M, 71M, 72F, 37M, 37F] and subjects [a…
  • Thu, 13:53: RT @cmclymer: To those who would use the news that Iran mistakenly shot down a civilian plane as justification for war, let me remind you t…
  • Thu, 13:54: RT @rospars: Hi, terrible @ewarren adviser here. Seeing her dancing and concluding it looks inauthentic/must have been done under instructi…
  • Thu, 21:45: RT @suchnerve: nobody: U.S. government: lol we just spent another trillion dollars on a war plane that runs on unicorn blood 🤪
  • Fri, 06:27: RT @justinamash: “We don’t know when and where. But it was real.” This is about as much as they told Congress in a classified setting.
  • Fri, 06:34: RT @KarlBode: I'm still stuck on this. Can't stop staring at it.
  • Fri, 06:37: RT @ewarren: Facebook is paying for its own glowing fake news coverage, so it's not surprising they're standing their ground on letting pol…
  • Fri, 07:27: Feels low tbh, but I suppose if you start from when I graduated high school. What a nightmare country we live in.
  • Fri, 08:31: RT @ParkerMolloy: How is every front page newspaper headline not “Administration admits ‘imminent’ justification was a lie”
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    Wed, 16:21: RT @ carriegravenson: Today was the day Trump becomes “Florida Man”. Wed, 16:26: Bloviating pile of turds doesn't seem to…

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    Tue, 12:33: RT @ OhNoSheTwitnt: Congratulations to Donald Trump on staring directly at a solar eclipse and having that somehow be the least…

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    Tue, 05:55: RT @ OhNoSheTwitnt: Here’s hoping we never have a president who makes people talk about Trump the way Trump made people talk about…

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