Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Opi, i think i've found the best idea for raising funds yet. torch and i were discussing it, and we decided that Brad should give 6 months paid account status to any camgirl who:

A) agrees to participate in a week long LJ fund drive


B) raises more than $100 for LJ

optional: We also go to the trouble to advertise Brad as some sort of international pimp, complete with parodied version of Eminem's "My Name Is..." and cool pimp icons (i should be able to throw a couple more together).

as you know, camgirls are notorious for being able to get people to give them money for no good reason at all. they're even more talented at getting people to give them money when it goes to some sort of cause. we could easily get some of the major camgirls of LJ to participate, at least as long as there were some incentive.

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