Sean (darksoul) wrote,

RevFajita: they really shouldn't have let me have Photoshop on my computer here at work
Okuraseru: probably not
Okuraseru: why?
RevFajita: threw together a Chachi picture
Okuraseru: uh huh
Okuraseru: what's up with the Chachi thing?
RevFajita: eh, i think Chachi's funny
Okuraseru: funny or funny looking?
RevFajita: both
Okuraseru: uh huh
RevFajita: well, no, the latter
Okuraseru: yeah
RevFajita: 80's stars are funny in general
Okuraseru: yeah
RevFajita: plus, no one ever remembers Scott Baio as Chachi, just as Charles in Charge
Okuraseru: I thought he was pretty cute, back in the day
Okuraseru: I remember
Okuraseru: he was Joanie
Okuraseru: Cunningham's flame
RevFajita: yup
Okuraseru: yep
Okuraseru: how old are you?
RevFajita: 20
Okuraseru: 20?
RevFajita: *nods*
Okuraseru: man, I have 16 years on you
Okuraseru: I was watching them first run
RevFajita: *chuckles* so this isn't Opi
RevFajita: heh
Okuraseru: *sigh* sad little life I had
Okuraseru: did you really think Opi thought Chachi was cute?
RevFajita: *chuckles* no, i figured he'd be trying to catch me off guard
Okuraseru: ah
Okuraseru: I see
Okuraseru: I guess in a way, it worked
Okuraseru: and he wasn't even trying
Okuraseru: lol
RevFajita: heh, indeed
RevFajita: and now i'm off....tell him i said hey
RevFajita: whenever he should return
Okuraseru: he's here
RevFajita: oh
Okuraseru: he said
Okuraseru: Manure
RevFajita: well see, now i look silly
Okuraseru: naw
Okuraseru: he's over there----> stuffing his face with pizza
RevFajita: hehe
RevFajita: i'll raz him for eating like a pig later then
RevFajita: but for now, i've got rush hour to defeat
Okuraseru: good
RevFajita: farewell
Okuraseru: he's got a huge mouth
Okuraseru: bye

it's disturbing to talk to someone, thinking they are who you think they are, when in actuality, they aren't. On the other hand, Opi has a huge mouth apparently. :)

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