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  • Mon, 16:05: RT @erinjudge: "Hey I had to step away from my computer for 38 seconds, did Trump go down in flames yet?" - me for the next 4 months
  • Mon, 16:37: RT @MattOswaltVA: the Trump Impeachment feels like watching Wheel of Fortune where the puzzle is completely solved but contestants keep gue…
  • Mon, 16:43: RT @nachosarah: so the president is allowed to try to start a civil war in the country while losing his mind on twitter and I still can’t s…
  • Mon, 17:07: RT @MikeDrucker: Imagine winning the presidency and being such a petty little dork that you throw it all away to investigate bullshit your…
  • Mon, 17:47: RT @AOC: It’s wild to me how people crawled over my 60 mins interview with a fine-toothed comb to find any word or reason to claim I’m unfi…
  • Mon, 17:49: RT @jonfavs: Hey I don’t think this Bill Barr guy is on the level
  • Mon, 18:36: RT @allymayn: Tips for White People Picking Out Halloween Costumes: - Don't do blackface - Don't mock poor people - Don't be Hitler - Don'…
  • Mon, 22:50: RT @monteiro: I know @jack is an immoral coward, but is there not ONE person at @twitter willing to make a stand here? You’re all ok with t…
  • Mon, 22:50: RT @andreagrimes: it’s literally a fucking number AND MOREOVER it’s some classist, racist bullshit to suggest that values have any the fuc…
  • Tue, 04:10: RT @SethAbramson: TRUMP'S RESPONSE TO IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY (per his statements) 1. Those investigating me are traitors and must be put to d…
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    Fri, 09:11: RT @ JohnFugelsang: Dear Democrats: This level of hysteria shows just how terrified the GOP is that white people are going to…

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    Sun, 04:05: RT @ NoLieWithBTC: Lauren Boebert's restaurant received a $233,305 PPP check and she receives a $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary.

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    Fri, 14:00: We can all agree that @ RealDeanCain is the Superman that shows up from Wish.

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