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  • Mon, 12:25: RT @JuddLegum: Apparent child pornography seized from Epstein's residence shows he was completely unreformed. Epstein was on the streets…
  • Tue, 06:59: RT @TrentCapelli: @SRuhle Jesse Watters is what happens when a dollar store clip-on tie takes human form.
  • Tue, 10:49: RT @Smartassicus: Hey men. Do yourself a solid and follow strong women voices on twitter. Even if they don't follow you back. You can learn…
  • Tue, 10:57: RT @AngryBlackLady: Every cop in every city in the country should stop what they’re doing and go guard ice cream aisles. Maybe today, you…
  • Tue, 11:01: RT @briantylercohen: Funny how quiet the Pizzagate crowd gets when the pedophiles aren't imaginary.
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    Mon, 18:21: RT @ MikeDrucker: I guess the only microchip Bill Gates couldn’t plant… was love

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    Fri, 12:41: RT @ wagatwe: *should go out of business Fri, 12:53: RT @ BettyBowers: Reasons NOT to allow religions…

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    Thu, 16:43: RT @ thyholygemini: *rails a line of coke* ok so we reboot fear factor but its just forcing joe rogan to get the vaccine Thu,…

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