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  • Tue, 12:58: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: If Elizabeth Warren were a white man she would be polling way ahead of every other candidate. Do not fucking @ me.
  • Tue, 13:01: RT @ewarren: I’ve done 57 media avails and 131 interviews, taking over 1,100 questions from press just since January. Fox News is welcome t…
  • Tue, 13:24: RT @nachosarah: I guess this is the only way we can get abortions now
  • Tue, 14:19: RT @evanjm02: So, ya’ll Conservatives good with Trump bankrupting our farmers and, sending sons and daughters to fight a Nuclear Power (Ira…
  • Tue, 14:20: RT @ChristFinnegan: This woman continues to get shit 100% right.
  • Tue, 15:14: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: The only thing dumber than believing heterosexual women don’t enjoy sex is believing that we’d keep having it just to ma…
  • Tue, 16:59: RT @MrAlexisPereira: Leftists: Abortion should be legal Republicans: You should face 30 years for a miscarriage Biden: How about 15?
  • Wed, 07:46: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: GOP: Abortion is murder! What about mass shootings? GOP: Mentally ill lone wolves! What about insurance that covers…
  • Wed, 07:47: RT @chick_in_kiev: or maybe they really believe in what they’re doing and they really expect to overturn roe and they really likely will ht…
  • Wed, 07:48: RT @BMcCarthy32: there's not a single thing in this world a male could experience that would even come close to the indignity of being lega…
  • Wed, 07:51: RT @transscribe: Especially frustrated at all the people who insisted that this day would never come, that Roe was “settled law.” That we s…
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    Fri, 10:25: RT @ mmpadellan: Nobody: Not a single living soul: The former guy: "I'm not into golden showers." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fri, 10:31: RT @…

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    Tue, 18:29: RT @ OhNoSheTwitnt: If Dean Cain is mad about Superman being bisexual we should probably make a gay Hercules and a trans Chachi…

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    Mon, 14:46: RT @ mmpadellan: Ashli Babbitt was not a hero. She was a domestic terrorist. THE END.

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