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  • Fri, 12:37: RT @carriegravenson: Georgia is going to force women to have babies they don’t want? It sure is great they put a ton of social services in…
  • Fri, 14:18: RT @nachosarah: my period is a day late and I accidentally hit my pussy on the edge of my desk do I have to go to jail or can I just do com…
  • Fri, 14:37: RT @MrEmilyHeller: If you're pro-life you should be fighting climate change, not abortion. If you're pro-life you should be fighting climat…
  • Fri, 14:58: RT @classiclib3ral: Ben Shapiro going on BBC and demanding conservative Andrew Neil admit he's a leftist then crying about how unfair it is…
  • Fri, 17:56: RT @MikeDrucker: No, I’m sorry. Let me clarify. The moral of the King Solomon story was that if both people agreed to split the baby, it wo…
  • Sat, 08:38: RT @StephenAtHome: Don't worry, this trade war with China will only affect you if you frequently buy... (checks list) products.
  • Sat, 10:11: RT @HamillHimself: Question: "Is #StarWars for females, too?" Answer: THIS:
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    Thu, 04:56: RT @ powellnyt: “His face was in your windshield, Jason. Think about that,” a detective told South Dakota Attorney General Jason…

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    Tue, 04:38: RT @ danozzi: just to be clear: gender reveal parties have a higher body count and have done more property damage than antifa ever…

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    Sun, 03:41: RT @ MeanestBossEver: We need a new term for a group of crows.

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