Sean (darksoul) wrote,

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  • Sun, 16:45: RT @IlhanMN: This country was founded on the ideas of justice, of liberty, of the pursuit of happiness. But these core beliefs are under th…
  • Sun, 21:36: RT @nachosarah: hey since all the white people will be watching game of thrones tonight at least we don’t have to worry about any hate crim…
  • Mon, 07:25: RT @ziwe: bran is a messy bitch who lives for drama
  • Mon, 07:44: RT @laurenduca: The president’s bad-faith attack on Ilhan Omar is deeply disturbing, and so is the ineptitude of most 2020 candidates respo…
  • Mon, 08:01: RT @BreeNewsome: People talking about Bran being rude and moody. Breh he got pushed out a window, had to survive beyond the wall & sees thr…
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