Sean (darksoul) wrote,

My tweets

  • Sun, 17:37: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Me: What’s the point of this? The patriarchy always wins. Him: You mean the Patriots. Me: Yeah I guess.
  • Sun, 17:37: RT @MikeDrucker: I don’t much about sports so I just hope everyone has a good time except the Patriots
  • Sun, 19:41: RT @chrislhayes: I don't really think the Kia Telluride will be remembered?
  • Mon, 05:20: RT @kibblesmith: Doctor: Have you been exercising? Me: Let me see your medical school yearbook before one of us gets all morally superior…
  • Mon, 07:56: RT @BreeNewsome: For the record, I don't believe all the migrant children separated from their parents at the border by the US govt have be…
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