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  • Wed, 20:34: RT @MattNegrin: Laura 👏 Ingraham 👏 mocked 👏 a 👏 SCHOOL 👏 SHOOTING 👏 SURVIVOR 👏 for 👏 not 👏 getting 👏 into 👏 UCLA 👏
  • Wed, 20:42: RT @elonjames: Every time I hear that Trump’s approval rating are at record lows I think “What? Like 8%?” This m’effa is still around 37%…
  • Wed, 21:55: RT @WFKARS: It was not homophobic to report on Kevin Spacey's predatory history. It is not homophobic to report on Bryan Singer's predator…
  • Thu, 07:23: Why is great in quotes? Is he being sarcastic?
  • Thu, 09:23: RT @KenidraRWoods_: I have lots of white allies. Do you think they get mad about me calling out white privilege? Hell no. If anything, they…
  • Thu, 10:00: RT @ParkerMolloy: Imagine having so little empathy that you go "Well, it doesn't PERSONALLY affect me, so..." I don't get it at all. https:…
  • Thu, 10:45: RT @AynRandPaulRyan: WILBUR ROSS says the 800k workers missing checks is "a third of a percent on our GDP. So it's not like it's a gigantic…
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    Sun, 18:52: RT @ JasonKander: My liberal friends and I talk mostly about sports. Pete, your “real American” friends sound lame. Mon,…

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    Sat, 04:17: RT @ smartstatistic: I would love to have been unburdened with issues of race as an 8 year old but I was too busy having white kids…

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    Thu, 04:56: RT @ powellnyt: “His face was in your windshield, Jason. Think about that,” a detective told South Dakota Attorney General Jason…

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