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  • Wed, 16:09: RT @MykaFox: Americans are like "I'm mad about the 200 lost Roseanne jobs but totally ok with her supporting people who oppose raising the…
  • Wed, 18:55: RT @kenklippenstein: Feel like our relationship to celebrity is kind of unhealthy
  • Wed, 20:19: RT @chaeronaea: damn you'd think people would be pumped to pay 12 billion dollars in hospital fees to have a baby that would be shot to dea…
  • Thu, 06:35: RT @JudahWorldChamp: i thought the kardashian family already solved racism with that pepsi commercial.
  • Thu, 09:24: RT @cjane87: “Should I pardon this wrongfully imprisoned man both right and left have agreed was given short shrift by our legal system? No…
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    Sun, 20:30: @ Outriders So I'm playing on PS5, physical disc, and after the Carnage level at the very start, I get a cutscwne followed by being…

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    Sat, 03:08: RT @ hawillisdc: capitalists: if you hate gentrification so much, buy the block. the community: ok. *raises money* …take it.…

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    Fri, 06:52: RT @ brendanowicz: Matt Gaetz being told his Venmo history is public

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