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  • Sun, 13:44: RT @JoyAnnReid: So ... this happened ... Vote on bill to outlaw child marriage in Kentucky delayed after opposition from conservative Fami…
  • Sun, 13:45: RT @iBrettmypants: When a cop is so afraid he won’t go into a school after a shooter, he’s a coward not doing his job and blamed for the lo…
  • Sun, 13:51: RT @SereneJones: Icahn dumps millions of steel stocks before tariffs are announced. Kushner's company gets millions in loans after White H…
  • Sun, 22:46: I can't believe La La Land won Best Picture for a second year in a row. #Oscars
  • Mon, 07:04: RT @DrPhilGoff: An “inclusion rider” is a clause in an actor’s contract that requires the cast and crew be diverse in order to retain the a…
  • Mon, 10:48: RT @JoyAnnReid: Sad thing is, in the present climate, the question “so where will she turn up next” has to be asked.
  • Mon, 10:51: RT @B_Ehrenreich: A lot of children depend on free school lunches, so the West Virginia teachers made food packages for them before going o…
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    Fri, 12:42: Nothing says "fun" like waiting 90+ minutes with a long line of grouchy New Jersey residents to get a shot in the arm. Eventually I…

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    Fri, 09:38: Getting that sweet sweet covid vaccine today! Never have I been so happy about getting stabbed.

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    Wed, 03:58: RT @ TinySnekComics: 🤔

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