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  • Wed, 12:01: RT @Kasparov63: Russia attacked the US and Putin's propaganda channel Russia Today still broadcasts in the US. But Trump threatens NBC for…
  • Wed, 12:11: RT @js_edit: This is clearly part of trump's new trade policies. The U.S. is going to become the leading exporter of hate.
  • Wed, 15:49: RT @laurenduca: THINK: Any man who believes that being alone with a woman poses an inherent safety risk should be considered a danger to…
  • Wed, 19:27: #TFW you are enjoying a sandwich at Panera and then they play Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" and suddenly your sandwich is too salty and wet.
  • Wed, 19:34: Oh sure, follow up Mazzy Star with Toad The Wet Sprocket's "Crowing" and make me feel like I'm 16 again. God damn Panera.
  • Thu, 08:03: RT @ShaunKing: WATCH. In 38 seconds Steve Prattor, Sheriff of Caddo Parish in Louisiana, tells you why he REALLY likes keeping "good" Blac…
  • Thu, 08:11: RT @BenjySarlin: A play in four tweets
Tags: #tfw, twitter

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    Tue, 08:56: RT @ MaxHomo: Hannah Gadsby describing Dave as a man who "gets 20 million dollars to process his emotionally stunted partial world…

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    Fri, 08:52: RT @ DougJBalloon: The new Wes Anderson movie is drawing mixed reviews from critics. Here's why that's bad news for Joe Biden.

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    Fri, 12:18: RT @ MikeDrucker: By age 30 you should: 1. Take car 2. Go to mum’s 3. Kill Phil (sorry) 4. Grab Liz 5. Go to the Winchester 6. Have…

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