Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Spread the word, for the sake of our world...

We, the people of these United States, the citizens of a land acknowledged by all the nations of the world, have been subjected to the gravest of injustices. Our great land has been the victim of the gravest of tragedies, the death of several thousand innocents at the hands of terrorists. Over the last several days, the world has watched as the details have unraveled. The eyes of the world are on us.

On Tuesday, our President declared the incident an act of war; War against America, war against freedom, war against democracy. The American people have come together in this time of grief in a way that we never have before. Even the attack upon Pearl Harbor pales in comparison to this tragedy. And yet, even though we are in mourning, we should not allow this disaster to turn us into monsters as well.

All throughout the day on Wednesday, we heard word that it is the Bush administration's main goal to strike out against terrorism of any kind, to exact justice against those who would murder innocent civilians in the name of some sort of political cause. Bush himself has said that his administration, from this point forward, will be focused solely on putting an end to terrorism, wherever it may be found. They have also said that they will consider those nations that harbor these criminals to be just as evil as those who are behind these atrocities. Our nation's leaders have hinted that they are willing to go to all out war, if need be, to bring these terrorists to justice. Not once have they been discriminate about who they are after, only stating that they are against terrorism in totality. Some amongst us call, nay, scream for blood. So much so that it matters not whose blood as long as it may be attributed to those who have transgressed against us.

Now it seems that, should Afghanistan not cooperate in such a fashion that President Bush seems fit, we will be going to war. It seems that our nation's leaders are bent upon the annihilation of Osama Bin Laden and all that stands between him and us. With the support of NATO and much of the world at large, our President seems to feel as though he can do no wrong. In a time when we should be focused on healing the wound, we venture instead to rush into battle against a cause and a people whom we have oppressed for far too long, against a monster of our own creation.

Hatred should not begot further hatred. The circle of violence must stop. The American people do not want this. It is time that we stopped allowing ourselves to have battles fought on our behalf that we do not believe in. One more war will not solve these issues. It's time that our nation swallowed its pride and admitted its wrongs. This was an evil crime, committed by a terribly hateful group, a group that was a product of our own dealings in the world. Our government and its dealings in foreign relations brought this upon us. Our government has built this enemy. And now they are hoping to go out and destroy what they have made.

Our nation needs to heal this wound with proper justice. Blood will not bring back the 5000 people who died on Tuesday. Blood will not bring about peace. Our nation's leaders have shed too much blood in our names. It is time to stand up, to demand that the circle of violence stops. This must stop. We cannot continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated by our government and our media. We cannot allow ourselves to be blinded to the truth of our actions in the world. Most of all, we cannot allow a tragedy like this to be the excuse for our nation to exact more violence in our name. The violence must end.

A Fellow American...
Sean Canady

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