Sean (darksoul) wrote,

I'm reminded of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, in which Victor Frankenstein creates a being in the hopes of achieving something greater. After toiling for months, he brings forth his creation, only to discover that he was wrong in doing so. Victor tosses his creature to the side, casting it out of his sight. The creature wants nothing more than peace, but his ignorant father refuses and continues to cast him out. After angering the creature more and more, the creature finally lashes out against his father, striking at those things that Victor loves most in the world, in an attempt to change Victor's outlook. In the end, Victor loses all that is dear to him due to his inability to accept his responsibility to his son. Our dealings with the Middle East, our behavior worldwide, our nation's arrogance, this has led to the creation of our own creature, a monstrous beast that we cannot defeat. The lesson Shelley seemed to be teaching was that we should not give in to hatred of our fellow man, no matter what shape or form it comes in; we should accept responsibility for our actions; we should not run and hide in fear of our own deeds.

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