Sean (darksoul) wrote,

i go and look at the firewall listing to see who tried to peg us over the last day or so as some monkey to hack...i see that a couple of slack-ass kiddies from NYC of all places tried to port probe me several dozen times in the afternoon. WTF?!?! jeez, your city has just been attacked and your trying to go out and do some script kiddie lamo port probes since you got the afternoon off from school?!?! i am astounded at how pathetic some humans really are...

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    Fri, 12:42: Nothing says "fun" like waiting 90+ minutes with a long line of grouchy New Jersey residents to get a shot in the arm. Eventually I…

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    Fri, 09:38: Getting that sweet sweet covid vaccine today! Never have I been so happy about getting stabbed.

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    Wed, 03:58: RT @ TinySnekComics: 🤔

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