Sean (darksoul) wrote,

i posted about this, but it vanished...

sometime towards the end of last week i was watching the news when i saw to segments that seriously bothered me. the first was a brief story about how one of Georgia's representatives in the House went before Congress that day proclaiming that Chandra Levy had contacted her....from BEYOND THE GRAVE!!! welcome to the 21st century folks, where our national politicians are discussing communications with dead interns rather than worry about the fact that Dubya gave away all our nation's surplus because he's an idiot. the other segment that bothered me? President Fox of Mexico was visiting that same day. they aired a clip of him speaking to the Senate and i was struck by his amazing grasp of the english language. the man was impressingly fluent. much more fluent than Dubya. in fact, i don't think Dubya knew half of the vocabulary that Fox used. all in all, a sad day for american politics...

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