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i am the metal cock!

ahem, or rooster, if you prefer. i took this test that byagghametta had taken.

Roosters are: Frank, vivacious, flamboyant, courageous, resourceful, attractive, generous, sincere, enthusiastic, stylish, amusing, popular, adventurous, self assured

Roosters are almost as adaptable as monkeys in their carrers but more reliable.

Roosters can also be: Nit-pickers, mistrustful, pompous, pedantic, vain, aggresive, abrasive

Most compatable with: Ox, Snake

Least compatable with: Cat, Rooster

Famous Roosters: Michelle Pfieffer, Dean Koomz, Dolly Parton, Eric Clapton, Gloria Estefan, Neil Young, Steve Martin, Goldie Hawn, Richard Wagner


Above all, the Rooster/Virgo will stand from his beliefs. While many Roosters are somewhat less than virtuous, the Virgo streak of purity of heart will inject this character with untold individuality and strength. Though not always lucky with money, Virgos born into this sign will know better how to save than other members of the Rooster family. Watch out for the temper too. The smallest little bone of contention could lead to all-out war. The nature of this subject is a brittle one

The Metal Rooster

Vehemence highlights the character of the Metal Rooster. Endowed with formidable energy and will power, he (or she) is disturbingly aggressive, always at the extremes of good and evil. People would not dare trifle with this much tortured, ambitious, proud, anxious, sadistic as well as masochistic individual. His strong and unforeseeable reactions terrify those around him. He is very much attached to his convictions, taken once and for all, and will not bear contradiction. Somehow he often finds himself in bad terms with authority. Actually, the Rooster of this combination is not possessed of as much self-assurance and daring as he wants to appear. Despite his outward bravado, his security and safety rank among his primary objectives. He is less well armed for life than he would wish. Depressions and suicidal temptations often besiege him, as much as they do other natives of the sign. But one thing is certain: He knows how to conceal his weaknesses and misfortunes by being an incorrigible braggart. Sometimes he believes in his own propaganda, and it is so much the better for him. This Rooster has a passion for the invisible. He tirelessly seeks to discover what exists or happens on the other side of things. It is why the problems of origin and quintessence all too often obsess him. His preoccupation is almost exclusively metaphysical and has nothing to do with occultism; it is more "scientific" than intuitive. He is also inclined toward asceticism, valuing suffering as a factor of redemption. With this trait he joins the majority of his brothers and sisters of the sign, who bear distinct marks of culpability and masochism. This subject tends to overdo when it comes to sex, probably in order to compensate for his feeling of inadequacy in other fields. But his excesses and perversions will give him a guilty conscience, and he will feel the need for further expiation.

All in all, i'd say it's a fairly accurate description of me. Of course, be sure to take into account that whole virgo thing. wouldn't want people thinking i'm as evil or depressed as this claims toward the end. especially evil. i'm not evil. i'm not, really.

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