Sean (darksoul) wrote,

did you compare the percentage of teenage male Rex Manning fans to the incidence of homosexuality amongst teenage males?

panhandlers?! panhandlers?! i sit at the frontdesk for 10 minutes and i get someone yelling at me on the phone, another person who prattles on to me about wanting us to change our long distance to their companies, and then 2 punk kid panhandlers come in and try to pawn their stolen wares off on me. wait, back up, let me fully explain the panhandlers. i'm in the midst of a phone call when these two guys come walking into our office. i don't think too much of it, we have our major event of the year on saturday and there are tons of people coming in and out of the office. as i'm finishing up the call i'm on, Guy 1 starts setting down his gear on our shelf and setting up his wares. i hang up the phone and he immeadiately starts trying to sell me some barbecue cutlery. i decline to buy it, so he tries to sell me an alarm clock, then something else. Guy 2 just stood by like some wimpy little hired goon. they both got the hint that they weren't wanted in the office and left finally after i convinced them i wasn't going to let them speak to anyone else in the office. pathetic and sad.

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