Sean (darksoul) wrote,

you know what would be cool? redefining the invite codes into different categories. one category of code would be for paid account time and only usable for inviting new members. but "codes" earned through LJ service (i.e. support points, contributions, etc.) could have the added bonus of being used to purchase things on LJ. for the time being, you could use, say 5, to buy a year worth of paid account time. later on, once t-shirts and other paraphenalia becomes available, you could spend a couple points to get a free shirt (or hat, or mouse pad, or cashmere boxers), but you'd have to pick up the shipping & handling. since you aren't including points for having a paid (or perm) account, there's no worry about people mooching off of what they've bought once for months and months. the only downside i can see is people creating accounts specifically to ask questions in support and give their real account points. we'd have to keep an eyeout for that...

think i should clean this up and offer it up as an idea?

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