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  • Fri, 18:56: Hey SF, thanks for giving NYC and LA a break and letting a movie monster destroy you this time.
  • Fri, 20:00: We're midway through Masturbation Month. Can we take a break from vigorous celebration for an hour or two?
  • Fri, 21:54: This has been making me laugh all day. Arab Spring Fer Amurikuhns!
  • Fri, 22:28: Never did figure out what plans I forgot about tonight. Is it too late to crack open a bottle of wine?
  • Fri, 22:38: ...I should at least use a glass, right? >_>"RT: @Katie_Speak: <<points to self>> terrible influence"
  • Fri, 22:48: Ruh roh!
  • Fri, 22:54: RT @BigHappiEyes: Premium wine product from Chateau Diana! RT @Katie_Speak: LOLZ the thumbnail of this.... RT @djmrcurmudgeon: Ruh roh! htt…
  • Fri, 23:41: Text I totally didn't just send: "Chubby furry straight guy seeks artist to draw his nude inner goth teenage girl. Handjobs negotiable."
  • Sat, 00:25: Impromptu poll: Wide awake, watching an episode of GoT. Do I have a fourth glass of pretty tasty wine?
  • Sat, 00:27: <pours fourth glass while he waits for no responses>
  • Sat, 01:13: Oh no, a case of the yawns. IT IS THE END OF TIMES!
  • Sat, 08:01: Great, I've spent the last 30 minutes pondering how disturbing life would be as an adult without a sense of object permanence. Saturday!
  • Sat, 08:15: Workers are hammering downstairs, neighbors are hammering each other next door. Thank goodness there's no wine hangover hammering my skull.
  • Sat, 08:17: RT @LOLGOP: If you're worried about gay marriage while millions are out of work and the earth is boiling, you like thinking about gay marri…
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